List of products by manufacturer BOOM DE AH DAH

A lemon-lime mask in a sheet that lightens the complexion of the skin and nourishes it. Lemon and lime extracts provide vitamins that moisturise the skin and make it more radiant.

Rice mask in a sheet that illuminates and nourishes the skin. The extract of rice bran and sweet almonds adds vitality and radiance to gray and tired skin.

Berry mask in a sheet that smoothes and adds radiance. Berry, strawberry and raspberry extracts rejuvenate and tighten the complexion.

An aloe vera mask that provides moisture and makes the skin soft and smooth. Aloe leaf juice relieves tired skin exposed by external factors

Mask in a sheet with green tea, which provides vitality and moisturizing. Green tea extract and herbal complex restores the life of the tired and gray complexion.

Honey mask in a sheet that provides moisture and deep nourishment, making the skin more resistant. The extract of honey, propolis and royal jelly tighten and nourish dry skin with uneven texture.

Olive mask in a sheet that provides deep nourishment and smoothes the skin. Olive extract makes the dry and uneven complexion deeply hydrated, soft and smooth.