Regenerating peeling cream. Reduction of blackheads, acne scars, smoothening of uneven structure and stimulation of production of new cells and collagen.

Cleansing pads 70pcs / Thanks to the presence of BHA and salicylic acid cleanse the skin and regulate the secretion of sebum. The convex part of the pads gently exfoliates the dead skin, smoothens the smooth part and leaves the skin smooth and soft.

Moisturizing pads 70pcs / Hyaluronic acid, propolis and natural BHA formula maximizes skin hydration throughout the day. The convex part of the flake gently exfoliates the dead skin, and the smooth part restores the natural balance of the skin and moisturizes.

Facial scrub with cellulose particles and AHA. Effectively exfoliates dead skin and eliminates excess sebum. Pineapple, aloe and portulac extract minimize imperfections and cleanse the skin.